Do you sometimes feel that life is overwhelming?
Do you find yourself thinking about things that have
happened in the past and can't concentrate on
what's going on now?
Or maybe you fall asleep, but wake up with
nightmares or worrying about things in the middle of
the night. 
 Do you ever feel like you just can't turn your mind off?
You may find yourself feeling lonely - even if you
are in a relationship.  Nothing you do seems good enough.
                          You are not alone. 
What I know is that bad things can happen to good people and life can start to feel overwhelming. 
Even if friends and family may notice you are struggling, you may feel embarrassed to tell them what's really going on.  It can be hard to make decisions when you are feeling like this.
This can be a lonely and scary place to be.  You don't have to feel this way for one more day. 
I'd like to help.  Please call today and let's get started.
Leslie  Stone, MFT
(909) 625-4838